Google Pixel 3 Lite phones pass FCC

To really make the flagship versions Mo-Re pliable, they'll soon be armed with much less successful Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs.  What can possibly be a dealbreaker would be the presence of headset jack along with the lack of this top notch from greater version.

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Even the FCC figures point out 8 models whatsoever, which may possibly signify different colors, storage capabilities, and measurements.  The version amounts operate from G020A into G020H, which align together with preceding Pixel mobiles.  Some of those filings additionally shows the coming phones may run on the more modern Android 9 Pie out of the box.

If beyond escapes are not anything to go with, the coming Lite variants of this Pixel 3 and also Pixel 3 XL are required to match with a plastic casing like overall design and style and ditch the double camera to front and also double pre-assembled speakers to create a more inexpensive purchase.
Google's following arrange because of the Pixel 3 mobiles is to be formally introduced, however, also the set of escapes and revelations have gone practically nothing for the imagination the moment it regards the specs and also attributes of their flagship tablets that are led to get a re launch at the shape of Lite types.

The less costly iterations have to be sent in spring, in front of this Pixel 4 launching function in oct.

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